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The Top 12 Reasons to Enroll in Group’s Next Level Speaker Training

Reason #12: Understand how to create a great first and last impression.

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. We’ll show you tips for wowing your audience right from the start and how to finish with a bang.

Reason #11: Discover your style zone.

Are you a red speaker? Blue? How about gray? Each of us has a default style of speaking. We’ll help you discover your natural style and show you how to maximize its potential.

Reason #10: Learn the art of handling difficult questions.

Every speaker dreads the hand that goes up with a question that throws them for a loop. Learn from the pros how to respond in a way that keeps you in control.

Reason #9: Receive abundant applause.

From the moment you walk into Group headquarters you’ll receive thunderous applause from your fans. We’re series!

Reason #8: Learn the four key elements to a participatory presentation.

Deliver a message that helps people connect, grow, and respond.

Reason #7: Discover how to evoke emotion with your presentation.

Flexing emotion enhances learning and retention. Make them laugh. Make them cry. We’ll show you how.

Reason #6: Practice the best use of your voice style.

A monotone voice lulls people to sleep. We’ll help you capture the full range of your vocal tone and pacing.

Reason #5: Feast on delicious meals and snacks from our Fireside Café.

We’ll pamper you with gourmet food and unique shacks…and yes, you can eat by the fireplace!

Reason #4: Design presentations with impact.

The type of message you create will determine if your audience walks away with newly discovered insights or is ready to take a nap. Learn how to design messages that will impact the people you speak to and inspire them to move forward.

Reason #3: Become a better speaker.

You’ll learn how to avoid the common speaking pitfalls, how to refine and improve your speaking abilities, and even discover how what you wear can make a difference.

Reason #2: Discover how to engage an audience.

Teaching isn’t telling; training isn’t lecturing. Gain insights on how to fully engage your audience with unforgettable messages that will get them thinking and talking. You’ll learn Group’s formula for creating message that stick.

Reason #1: Meet Bruce the Moose.

Bruce is our lobby ambassador. You can’t travel all the way to Colorado without getting to see some wildlife!


Create and Deliver Messages that Wow

A 3-day intensive training uncovering must-know insights from the pros on how to fully engage your audience with a memorable presentation. Through interactive workshops you’ll discover powerful keys to motivating an audience. Then you’ll prepare and give your own 20-minute presentation before a panel of peers and a seasoned coach. You’ll receive instant feedback and a personal one-on-one session with your coach, who will review your videotaped presentation and offer a professional appraisal.

March 27-29, 2017 at Group’s Headquarters in Loveland, CO
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