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Why a Baby Makes a Difference

by Joani Schultz

Christmas means all the more to me this year.

That’s because I’m a first-time Grandma. And I’m giddy about our precious little grandbaby. She’s beautiful. A miracle. A gift.

For years, everyone told me being a grandparent is great. And I must agree. There’s something profound about holding a new baby in your arms.

But even more, our dear baby Cadence Olivia reminds me of Jesus—and how our “hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight.” To think God would bundle himself in a tiny body bound by swaddling clothes…

What a vulnerable, incredible gift to ponder.

Just think how a baby changes our lives. Just think how Jesus changes our lives.

A baby changes the status quo

Nothing rattles our lives more than the cries and coos of a new life. Nothing is the same.  New routines. New everything. Every moment revolves around the new life that’s now a forever part of our lives.

What if we embraced the reality of Jesus changing everything?

A baby focuses everyone’s attention

I watch people zero in on a baby’s face. People exaggerate their smiles; their bodies lean in; their voices become softer. They make comments about how adorable the baby is.

A baby becomes a magnet.

What if we centered our attention on Jesus and draw closer to him?

A baby changes our priorities

Suddenly schedules adjust. Feedings, diapers, sleeping. Oogling. What seemed most important a few days ago, now flips. We do what we need to do to accommodate the child.

What if we adjusted our priorities to put Jesus first?

A baby fills you with love

As we snuggle our sweet little baby, I’ve often said, “Focusing on a baby is the answer to world peace.” How can someone not leave their worries and stress behind while they fixate on a baby? Simply holding and hugging our new grandbaby overwhelms us with love. Peace. Calm. Perspective.

What if we hold Jesus with such love?

Let this Christmas season give you pause. Focus on Jesus. The God-baby who promises to change everything about your life forever.

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Why a Baby Makes a Difference

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