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Facing Christmas Fears

By Bob D’Ambrosio

What message from the Christmas story is most needed today in your life?

Peace. Hope. Love.

How about—being courageous?

What may be needed most is a theme not usually associated with Christmas: Fear not.

“Fear not” was the first message the angel gave to Mary and Joseph. The shepherds were also told to “not be afraid.” And it’s no accident that the words “fear not” are everywhere in the Bible.

Let’s face it; the world can be a scary place. Right now, fearful world events, natural disasters, and economic uncertainty are broadcast daily in the news.

Fear is everywhere, and it may impact our Christmas celebration more than we think. Fear is like a giant in our lives. It’s stifling us and the church. But as Louie Giglio writes in his book Goliath Must Fall: “Whatever giant we’re battling might be big—but it’s not bigger than Jesus.”

Here’s the good news this Christmas: Our friendship with Jesus can change us from fearful to fearless. Jesus may not take away the fear, but he’ll give us the courage and the grit we need to move through those fears.

As we move into this season, imagine Jesus giving you a special letter.

Based on Proverbs 18:10, this message from the book Notes From Jesus may give you comfort for a fearless Christmas…

I’m a friend who sticks with you. No matter what.

I’ll help you solve the tough stuff. And when there’s nothing you can do to fix a problem, I’ll
stay with you as you go through it. You can call on me anytime, day or night. I’ll listen…because
I love you. There’s nothing you can say or do that will make me turn my back on you.

When hard times come, I’m with you.

I’m not going anywhere.

I’ve got your back.


So this Christmas season be peaceful, joyful, hopeful, loving—and fearless. And when fear tries to stifle your Christmas cheer, rely on Jesus.


Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Facing Christmas Fears

  1. To Bob D’Ambrosio

    Dear sir,
    May I share (a one-time use) the powerful essay, “Facing Christmas Fears” with our church membership’s email/text? It would be as a prelude; to be included as a little story or quote when I send out our (weekly) church bulletin to about 200 people. Of course you will be given full credit for having written it.
    Yoli Brown,
    Westside Church of Christ

    • Hi Yolanda,
      Thanks for reaching out! Please feel free to share the article with your church.

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Facing Christmas Fears

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